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Digital illustrations to brighten life

Although their work techniques differ, our artisans agree on the passion and commitment they put into their task, to which they dedicate themselves in body and soul, and in believing that contact with their public, physical or virtual, is vital to test their products. We present these digital proposals from the hand of Grandmother Things.
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This is how a delicious ramen is prepared

Japanese food restaurants have become a resounding success, being the favorite choice of many foodies when choosing a meeting place to enjoy with their friends. But if before sushi was the absolute protagonist of the menus, now, without a doubt, it is the turn of the ramen. And it is that this soup of noodles, rich and nutritious as few, is ideal for all palates, since it can be cooked in many ways, with varied ingredients. Although the most striking aspect of this recipe is the thorough preparation of the broth (it may require up to 36 hours of cooking).
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