This is Matrix: biohacking arrives willing to control our bodies

This is Matrix: biohacking arrives willing to control our bodies


In 2015, biochemical researcher Gabriel Licina was injected Chlorine e6 In the eyes. The result? For six hours he was able to see in the dark up to 50 meters away.

The experience may sound like science fiction, and in part, it is. Why the biohacking It consists, nothing more and nothing less, than in using technology to enhance the capabilities of the body and mind, for example, by genetic modifications. And it is a totally experimental alternative.

However, there are already some procedures with which women can flirt without risk. We tell you what they are!



At this point in the movie, we all know that sugar and health are not the ideal match. But also, according to Dr. Molly Maloof, Many women with hormonal problems also have blood sugar problems. For this reason, the doctor uses a glucose monitor called Abbott Libre Pro, perfect for detecting, among others, diseases such as pre-diabetes. The best way to use it? Two hours after meals, and upon waking.


What would you think if we told you that menstrual blood can be used to detect diseases earlysuch as depression, cardiovascular disease and reproductive problems? At least, so says Anna Villarreal, entrepreneur and founder of LifeStory Health.

But while the doctor is immersed in her research, she strongly recommends the use of cycle trackers, as a way of understanding our body and being aware of whether something is wrong. In addition, this type of method is very useful in terms of sports performance, since training is not the same when your body temperature is higher.


There is no doubt that smartphones They have revolutionized our lifestyle. And health is one of the areas where they harvest more success. For example, use an application to control nutrient intake and weight It is a great idea for all those people who are not clear with diets, but it will also help you to be aware of your eating habits.


It will seem silly, but it is not at all. And is that women tend to suffer more digestive problems than men. That's why Marta Taylor, founder of Living Limitlessly, advises wear loose clothing, as compression of the organs can cause heartburn, gastric reflux, and even indigestion (Not to mention the terrible pains ...).


If you are one of those who work late and never find time to go to the gym, An application that measures your daily steps will come in luxury to get fitAnd on top of that, you won't even notice! You just have to change some routine, such as walking instead of taking the car, or climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator. Easy right?