Huda Beauty's new eyeshadow palette sets a trend in decoration

Huda Beauty's new eyeshadow palette sets a trend in decoration

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Huda Beauty

Those addicted to makeup, and especially eye shadow palettes, are sure they agree that Huda Beauty brand is one of the best options when you want to invest in make up the good one. And is that Huda Kattan has formed an empire that extends from her own cosmetics firm, to social networks like Instagram, where every day shares the most complete beauty tutorials.

Now, the young American makeup artist has just launched a new palette called Nude, full of eyeshadows in pink, cream and beige shades, with its usual blend of matte shadows and shimmers. And taking advantage of the launch, We want to take the trend to our land by touring several inspirational photos with great ideas to decorate environments in tones nude. Can you come with us?

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We have not counted all looks that you can get with this palette, but it gives you for a few sessions of make up. Take a look here.

2 rooms full of warmth

Powdered roses, cream colors, taupe ... And the touch of distinction of the tile in a salon that masterfully combines the color range of nude.

3 A ray of sunshine

A bedroom that opts for cream and beige tones It will look much prettier with a touch of mustard.

4 Babies

Children have also signed up for the trend of nude, and it does not surprise us, because It is very cute in their bedrooms, wearing, for example, the walls.

5 Intense

A bedding in an intense tone of nude It will fill the bedroom with strength. And if you add plants and a Navajo-style rug, you'll give it an air boho-chic hallucinate

6 Minimalist

If you want to get a female bathroom without going around the design a lot, choose a two-tone background: nude and white.

7 To the kitchen

In the kitchen they also feel great, since they soften the space like no other color.

Do as in the photo and place white tiles in the lower area, and pink dusty wallpaper on the upper.

8 Double function

The same as in the kitchen happens in the dining room. But apart from filling the atmosphere with sweetness, in this case the table is also used as an improvised desk. All in an environment where the picture enhances the personality of the environment.

9 Romantic

Matching walls and bedding in tones nude in a bedroom with nostalgic dyes, where the headboard with mirror and golden frame is the real protagonist.

10 An exotic touch

In this carpet so striking, the tones nude intermingle with more intense ones, like coral or tile.


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